Global Trade and Customs Compliance

Multinational companies in enterprise networking faces greater challenges when it comes to compliance with legal requirements in international logistics processes for computer networking equipment.

Customs and Trade compliance management has a decisive influence on location and purchasing decisions, RMA delivery times, cost savings and competitive advantages. Thus, it is very important that these processes are managed extremely accurately, effectively and efficiently with worldwide proven IT solutions.

Exporters and Importers need to ensure that the goods are correctly classified using the Harmonized System (HS) of the country of import and with incorrect HS codes, importers can receive: substantial fines, delays in Customs clearances, subject to having their shipments seized.

The international requirements for companies regarding customs and trade compliance management are comprehensive and are subject to ongoing legal changes. The correct product classification as well as compliance with the export control regulations, the sanctions lists, the calculation of origin based on ratified free trade agreements, security initiatives and management of special customs regimes as part of the import and export clearance processes are just some how to make your entire customs and trade compliance processes safer and more efficient throughout the world of the aspects to be considered.

With Skylink Distribution, you have a partner that supports in dealing with the challenges of international customs and trade compliance management as well as the related daily operational handling. We provide you with a trendsetting global customs and trade compliance solution for your needs.

There are five bottom-line benefits to outsourcing global trade management operations with Skylink Distribution:
  • Cost Savings
  • Right Procurement Strategy.
  • Enhanced Supply Chain Efficiency via Partner Management
  • Improved Regulatory Compliance
  • Renewed Focus on Core Competency
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