Project Management Gears

Co-located data centres are in countries where they don’t have a registered business and the data centres will not act as the IOR for imports.

Our IOR / EOR services do this for You

  • Every import of high value requires a local business to act as the importer of record (IOR) for customs.
  • Our IOR / EOR is directly responsible for paying duty & taxes upon importation, the filing of specific declarations with various government agencies upon importation or exportation and the obtaining of any licensing, certification & authorizations to export if required for a commodity; in many cases before exporting to the destination country location.
  • Typically, our IOR / EOR service provides a faster clearance for public and private sectors project management.
Anticipate and minimize all kind of logistic risk before and during project execution.

Manage the logistic aspect of international projects, from procurement to delivery, in accordance with project’s budgets, deadlines and objectives.

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