Solutions For E-commerce

Selling online & receiving retail orders from a remote market where you have no presence so fulfill these orders with direct shipments from a remote inventory; however, this is expensive and the delivery time is usually very long, unless the client has chosen expensive express delivery.

Our IOR / EOR services do this for You

  • The problems of expensive direct shipments & long delivery times are limiting your growth and the effective solution is IOR / EOR.
  • We are providing at destination is the exact solution for your business and you can consign all your client orders to us which we can manage for you.
  • In terms of delivery times, your client’s purchasing experience will thus be similar to local shopping.
You also have concerns and hesitations about customs barriers in this remote market for each product you shipped DDP.
  • With presence in a new market you have shorter delivery times
  • Make dramatic cost savings on freight and logistics services with cost-effective transport modes
  • No concerns or hesitations with regard to destination customs barriers
  • No longer have to worry about unreliable postal services
  • We import and distribute while you continue selling to your clients, allowing you to retain control over your market
  • The best thing is that the clients are confidential and still yours
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