Information Technology Gears

Every import of high value requires a local business to act as the importer of record (IOR) for customs.

Our IOR / EOR services do this for You

  • We’ve found it generally cheaper and faster to procure your IT gears from distributor and ship into international markets due to having vast experience in import and handling of ICT Hardware/ Software and Networking Parts. This is especially true when purchasing high-value infrastructure equipment like routers, switches, storage arrays and firewall appliance.
  • Absenceof company representation in the importing country can cost much to establish legal entity in the country thus as IOR/ EOR partner, it will save customer cost of establishing entity. We also define the import restrictions under local custom law and maintain the inventory records.
In addition to have a local business, some countries will also require licenses or permits to be able to import which includes technical NOC clearance from regulatory bodies i.e. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) etc.

  • We deal with regulatory bodies to assess the compliance with all applicable federal banking laws, rules and regulations to govern the operations of import/export related to Electronic Import Form (EIF) and Form-E, including LC establishment.
  • Our trade facilitation services help international trade operators to comply fully with the importing countries correct Harmonized System (HS). This improves their business efficiency and reduces risk wherever possible
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